Critically-Acclaimed Debut Album: You Don’t Know Yet

Son Roberts

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Debut Album Featuring Billboard Magazine Song Contest Finalist “Lorraine”

“Son Roberts is not content to rehash old blues standards. His music deserves our full support.”
Errol Nazareth, CBC Radio One, Toronto

You Don’t Know Yet
Recorded May through November of 2006 in Toronto, Canada by Norm Baker at Studio 92.
Mastered by Andy Krehm at Silverbirch.
All songs SOCAN. All Contents ©2007 Gate Productions Inc.
All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction of this recording and/or the artwork herein prohibited by law.

Snake Charmer Image by Nina Bunjevac

Son Roberts – Vocals and Harp
Ed Roth – Accordion, Keyboards and Tambourine
John Crosbie – Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Sergio Faluotico – Drums and Percussion
Jeff Eager – Bass on tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, and 10
David Boire – Bass on tracks 2 and 6

Karla Goldstein, Nancy McGovern, and Gail Roberts – Background vocals on tracks 1, 5, 6, and 8
Asher Roth and Chris Blachford – Assorted drunken shouting on track 10
Jack Temblay – Stickman from Montreal, QC on track 3

Thanks to Nancy Marie (how’s my sun, today?). Kate Marie, Joan Roberts, Allyson, Jake and Hartley, Glenn and Heidi, Dave and Lisa, Pat and Sheila, Gloria, John Jr., Elizabeth and Julianne, Lilianna, Sybil T, Rick B, Collette, Howard T, Burt, Nicky B, Pal Al and Dania, Mr Mays, Larry K, Julian F, Stavros, Dipamo and Gloria, Yuri, Eddy B, Clinton, and everyone who has come out to the Annual BBQs or our gigs.

  1. Morningstar Son Roberts Buy 1:35
  2. Down on Vaughan Road Son Roberts Buy 3:41
  3. Bad Hard Town Son Roberts Buy 3:05
  4. Cold Black Chair Son Roberts Buy 5:02
  5. Not 'Nuff Night Son Roberts Buy 4:13
  6. See Me Livin Son Roberts Buy 4:37
  7. Keep That Joy Alive Son Roberts Buy 5:32
  8. Changed My Mind Son Roberts Buy 2:15
  9. Tied Up in a Song Son Roberts Buy 3:21
  10. The Facts Son Roberts Buy 5:32