Award-Winning 2nd Album: Tell That Story

Son Roberts

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Record Tracklist

  1. Days With You -:-- / 4:27

 Award-Winning Blues
Featuring IMA Award Winner: “Brakeman”

“Should be in the running for a Maple Blues Award for Best New Album.”
– James Doran, 101.9 DAWG FM Ottawa

  1. 90 Years Old Son Roberts Buy 5:10
  2. Days With You Son Roberts Buy 4:27
  3. Kowkash Boogie Son Roberts Buy 3:13
  4. Come For a Ride Son Roberts Buy 4:02
  5. Stephen Lea's Father Son Roberts Buy 3:12
  6. Wind Blows In Son Roberts Buy 3:15
  7. Had It Lost It Son Roberts Buy 4:37
  8. How Far Son Roberts Buy 4:23
  9. Brakeman Son Roberts Buy 3:57
  10. White Line Son Roberts Buy 2:37


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The Story
Staying true to the themes that colour my music – love, anger, loss, joy and, most importantly, groove – has inspired this collection of original songs. It has been a challenging yet, deeply fulfilling experience. Fortunately, my good friend and collaborator, John Crosbie, was a key contributor throughout, bringing his brand of raunch and rock to my sense of story and song. For me, telling stories is at the heart of the Blues I love so well. It’s also about being true to myself. My heart, my truth are in this music. I hope you feel it.

Tell That Story
Produced by Son Roberts in Toronto, Canada.
Recorded and Mixed by Brett MacMillan and Norm Baker.
Mastered by Noah Mintz.
All songs SOCAN. All Contents ©2011 Gate Productions Inc.
All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction of this recording and/or the artwork herein prohibited by law.

Cover and Sleeve photo by Ed Roth
Back Cover Photo by Son Roberts
Logo by Branislav Dordevic

All Lyrics by Son Roberts

Son Roberts – Vocals and Harmonica
John Crosbie – Guitar, Slide Guitar and Bass
Ed Roth – Piano, Accordion and Organ
Gary Kendall – Bass
Martin Alex Aucoin – Piano, Organ and Wurlitzer
Duncan McBain – Drums
Sergio Faluotico – Drums and Percussion
Ralph MacDonald – Guitar and Slide Guitar
Hap Roderman – Bass
Kate Roberts, Gail Roberts, and Chloé Watkinson – Background Vocals

Many thanks to all the players and contributors. Profound thanks to Nancy McGovern (more days with you, please), Kate Roberts and Gail Roberts (my blessing), and to all my family and friends who have given so much support and love in the pursuit of my passions. Without you, there would be no stories to tell.

  1. Morningstar Son Roberts Buy 1:35
  2. Down on Vaughan Road Son Roberts Buy 3:41
  3. Bad Hard Town Son Roberts Buy 3:05
  4. Cold Black Chair Son Roberts Buy 5:02
  5. Not 'Nuff Night Son Roberts Buy 4:13
  6. See Me Livin Son Roberts Buy 4:37
  7. Keep That Joy Alive Son Roberts Buy 5:32
  8. Changed My Mind Son Roberts Buy 2:15
  9. Tied Up in a Song Son Roberts Buy 3:21
  10. The Facts Son Roberts Buy 5:32