Vimy Ridge Is Callin’

Son Roberts

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  1. Vimy Ridge is Callin’ -:-- / :30

Son Roberts’ original track about the Battle of Vimy Ridge, released to commemorate the 1918 Armistice that was meant to end “the War to end all Wars”

Politically charged track (and video) that takes a dim view of the World War One Battle of Vimy Ridge.

Released to commemorate the Armistice of 1918 that was meant to end “the War to end all Wars” “Vimy Ridge is Callin’ is a politically charged track (and video) that takes a decidedly dim view of The Battle of Vimy Ridge.

Unlike much of the narrative that has defined Vimy over the last century – as the battle that “gave birth to the nation of Canada” – Son Roberts sings about this event as a catastrophic blood bath that had virtually no impact on the outcome of the War. He’s not alone in this view. As Pierre Berton summarized is his epic work “Vimy,” the war itself simply wasn’t worth it.

“Vimy had nothing to do with creating the nation of Canada, in my view. We were already a country. It was a hollow “victory” that was used by the British Empire to further justify a pointless war that achieved nothing except to lay the groundwork for an even worse conflagration, World War 2.

As for the monument itself, it’s just an enormous grave marker casting its shadow over the obliterated remains of the many brave men who died on those killing fields. Apart from their courage and camaraderie with each other, their sacrifice was not worth the cost.”   – Son Roberts, Toronto, Canada

Vimy Ridge Is Callin’

Son Roberts – composer/vocals
John Crosbie – guitar
Ed Roth – accordion
Hap Roderman – bass
Sergio Faluotico – drums

Background singers – Kate Roberts, Gail Roberts, Karla Goldstein, and Nancy McGovern

Video by Son Roberts and Stavros

Copyright © 2007 Gate Productions Inc.

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