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Three's A Charm Album Art

Three's A Charm Album Art

Eclectic, modern music for the Here & Now

With his third album – “Three’s A Charm” – Son Roberts presents the most eclectic and cinematic of his albums. It brings together a startling array of styles and players, from Blues stalwarts to newbies on the Blues scene, in a collaboration that delivers a fresh take on the Blues from a distinctly urban Canadian perspective.


Three’s a Charm

An Incredible Cast of Contributors

Three’s a Charm features the talents of many extraordinarily talented people including:

Son Roberts – vocals & harmonica
Brett MacMillan – producer, engineer and guitar
Gary Kendal, Omar Tunnoch, Charles Collymore, Tim Burns & Jerome Tucker – bass
Ralph MacDonald – guitar and mandolin
Sergio Faluotico – drums and percussion
Sarah Thawer, Tim Browne & Duncan McBain – drums
Kate Roberts & Gail Roberts – background vocals, hollering, crooning and carrying on
Alan Zimaitis & Jesse Whiteley – keys
Ed Roth – accordion
Dave Sparrow, Dave Senior Jr. & Dave Boire – background vocals
Scott Bannister, Zach Forbes & Donny Hopper – horns

We were all charmed into doing it – for lucre, love, lust or larceny. This music brought us together, tore some of us apart – but that’s a whole other story. Many thanks to all y’all who are still of the cloth.

This album is dedicated to my mother, Joan Roberts, who sang to me as a child. I hear her strong voice to this day. And to my love, my always, Nancy McGovern.

  1. Morningstar Son Roberts Buy 1:35
  2. Down on Vaughan Road Son Roberts Buy 3:41
  3. Bad Hard Town Son Roberts Buy 3:05
  4. Cold Black Chair Son Roberts Buy 5:02
  5. Not 'Nuff Night Son Roberts Buy 4:13
  6. See Me Livin Son Roberts Buy 4:37
  7. Keep That Joy Alive Son Roberts Buy 5:32
  8. Changed My Mind Son Roberts Buy 2:15
  9. Tied Up in a Song Son Roberts Buy 3:21
  10. The Facts Son Roberts Buy 5:32