Keep That Joy Alive – New Single Out Now

From his new upcoming album, Son Roberts presents a gospel-inspired video and track to celebrate joy across Canada… legally. 

Gracious, mercy, thank you! 

Available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp 


Keep That Joy Alive
Words and music by Wayne Son Roberts & Ed Michael Roth
Produced and engineered by Brett MacMillan
Recorded LIVE at the Meatlocker, Toronto CANADA
Copyright © 2018 Gate Productions Inc.

Album Track:
Son Roberts – vocals
Brett MacMillan – guitar
Alan Zemaitis – piano
Gary Kendall – bass
Duncan McBain – drums
Sergio Faluotico – percussion
Gail Roberts, Kate Roberts, David Sparrow, David Boire, and David Senior Jr. – back up vocals

Video Track:
Alan Zemaitis – piano
Adam Beer-Colacino – guitar
Joshua Park – drums
Ryan Spratt – bass
Chloe Watkinson, Gail Roberts, Kate Roberts, and Scott Bannister – back up vocals

Video Sound Engineered by Brett Preston
Recorded LIVE at Enoch Turner Schoolhouse during Kate and Scott’s Big Gig. Many thanks and much love to Kate and Scott for gifting me the stage.

Videographers R J Maloney and Daryl Reyes
Editing by R J Maloney

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