Bad Hard Town

The Song that Took Two Fords to Get It on the Road!

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Toronto the Good, this vibrant, welcoming and extraordinarily diverse and tolerant city, is getting rougher and tougher. Poverty and wealth, police and politics are all mixing in toxic measures. It’s not pretty in a lot of places. Sure, the economy bangs along – but at what cost to those of us who love living here. Can’t run to the 905 to hideout, either. Trouble be everywhere. So, it’s all hands on deck!

This track began during Rob Ford’s blisteringly pungent term as mayor. I put it away after he passed on and we moved on. But a lot of people didn’t. So now he’s back! At Queen’s Park of all places! And his name is Doug.

This track is the child of many parents. A mix of young players, with little pedigree in the Blues or New Orleans’ 2nd line grooves, who came to the song along with season vets Omar Tunnoch (bass) and Duncan “GO Train” McBain (drums).

Producer Brett Macmillan (on guitar, too) was up to the challenge when I tossed the demo at him. He wrangled the sweet and sassy sounds of Kate Roberts and Gail Roberts, the rough and ready Hogtown Horns (Scott Bannister, Zack Forbes and Donny Hopper) along with the percussive persuasion of Sergio Faluotico into a daring and fancy-dancy tune! Party on Toronto! The reckoning can wait a little longer.

Bad Hard Town Album Art


Bad Hard Town

Son Roberts, John Crosbie, Brett MacMillan
© 2018 Gate Productions Inc. SOCAN

Son Roberts – Vocals
Brett MacMillan – Guitar
Bob “Omar” Tunnoch – Bass
Duncan McBain – Drums
Zachary Forbes – Sax
Scott Bannister – Trumpet
Donny Hopper – Bone
Sergio Faluotico – Assorted Percussion and Whistles
Gail Roberts and Kate Roberts – BG Singers

Recorded at the Meatlocker
Toronto CANADA

Producer/Engineer Brett McMillan

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